Amelia's artwork displayed at the Royal Marsden Hospital to inspire doctors and medical students

In the summer term of this year, Amelia (Y12) had the honour of having her work displayed at The Royal Marsden Hospital, together with it being shared at a doctors’ convention in Dubai where specialists from all over the world got to see the inspirational outcome Amelia had created.

Inspirational Learning.jpg

“My art course started in Year 10 and the first project was called ‘Colour in Nature’. As I started creating my mind maps and mood boards and doing research into the different aspects of nature, I came across rainforest plants and their medicinal properties. After delving a bit deeper and doing some extensive research, I found the Madagascan Periwinkle plant. This plant has anti-cancer properties and is most commonly used to make the chemotherapy Vincristine. I knew that this plant was going to be incorporated into my final piece, having researched its sheer life saving skills. I drew up different designs but settled on the one shown here as I felt it had the greatest impact”.

“The syringe shows the Vincristine chemotherapy, the exotic pink flowers of the Madagascan Periwinkle plant represent the chemotherapy’s heritage and its ability to be a lifeline and give patients a new lease of life and behind the syringe, painted in a dark blue, botanical illustrations represent the scientists and explorers who discovered this amazing plant. I really enjoyed creating my final piece and I feel that it presents chemotherapy in a positive light and that despite its many unwelcome side effects, it is an incredible discovery that originated from nature.”

Amelia’s work is currently placed within the school room in the hospital but will be placed throughout the hospital at different points in the year.