Sports Day 2019

The sun was shining down on what was to be one of TGS’ best Sports Days. Years 7-10 and 12 were raring to go as they lined up beside the track in their 6 Houses -  Arnold, Carey, Debney, Fayerman, Mitchener and Taylor. The day began with the whole school participating in a fantastic Zumba warm up. The brand new House Mascots directed the moves and set the atmosphere alight. Everyone was gearing to go! 

The track and field events were a huge success as competitors smashed records, with students and teachers excitedly supporting and celebrating their house’s individual victories. Despite the warm weather, the Mascots continued to cheer throughout the day too! The house spirit was well and truly alive. 

As the day came to a close, there was one final event: the mascot race. Each mascot completed the 100m sprint as everyone eagerly cheered for their mascot as they ran to the finish line. But soon after, the results revealed that Arnold had successfully won - but only by a slim 5 points! A close win, yet well deserved. 

After a wonderful day of sporting success, the entire school left with a smile on their faces  - including the mascots! 

Anneka, Year 12