Year 13 explore Philosophy in more depth


Year 13 Philosophy students were given the opportunity to attend a 10 week course (January- April 2019) of 2 hour interactive Philosophy seminars held in school and delivered by a provider from The Philosophy Foundation.

The course was designed to enrich, develop and consolidate student learning from the Philosophy IB course. This was a bespoke course that explored topics from the syllabus such as normative ethics, the mind-body problem and ‘what is Philosophy?’ There were plenty of practical exercises linked to real life as well as pertinent debates. Students found the course thoroughly engaging and it served as an excellent preparation and revision opportunity before their upcoming exams.  

A new approach to Philosophy which allowed us to examine ideas in even more depth. It helped me to formulate my final opinions on philosophical topics which is one of the things I have found hardest in Philosophy and really helped me to develop my line of argument in essays.
— Faith, Year 13
 Very insightful and directly beneficial for the course
— Jayan, Year 13