Newly Qualified Teacher CPD and Networking Session 2 "Making it as a Teacher'

Newly Qualified Teacher CPD and Networking - Session 2 “Making it as a Teacher”

Wed, 19 June 2019 16:30 – 18:30 BST at Tonbridge Grammar School

Organised by the Kaizen Teaching Schools Alliance, based in West Kent, for early career teachers from those at the start of their NQT induction to those finishing it this year. Primary and Secondary phases welcome.

Keynote speaker: Victoria Hewett, author of ‘Making it as a Teacher’ (published May 2019)

Teaching is a delightfully rewarding, wonderfully enlightening and diverse career. Yet, at present, teacher recruitment and retention are in crisis, with some of the most at risk of leaving the profession being those in their early years of teaching. 

Making it as a Teacher (published in May 2019) offers a variety of tips, anecdotes, real-life examples and practical advice to help new teachers survive and thrive through the first 5 years of teaching, from the first-hand experiences of a teacher and middle leader. Victoria will share many of these tips and ideas with event attendees and will be on hand to answer any questions.

 The event provides:

  • An opportunity to meet and network with other Newly Qualified Teachers in West Kent schools.

  • Reflection on your NQT and what to expect in your NQT+1 year.

  • Career progression and Middle Leadership.

  • An introduction to our West Kent based Kaizen Masters degree programme (for those with Masters credits).

  • Sources of further help and support and Kaizen CPD.